1. The workers and exploited of Albania have initiated a revolutionary mobilization against the regime of capitalist restoration. The economic bankruptcy which led the masses to the most profound misery proved that the restoration of capitalism (the "market") leads only to national and social disintegration. The dominance of imperialist capital led to the power of the Mafia and to the robbery of the working people.

2. Against the social and economic bankruptcy, the exploited utilized again the methods of the revolutionary proletariat, of the dictatorship of the workers against their exploiters: direct action, the organization of revolutionary committees of the masses with clear soviet characteristics, the general arming of the people, the call for a national uprising, the disintegration of the armed forces, and the seizure of arms by the mobilized masses. We salute the beginning of the social revolution in Albania.

3. Imperialism attempts to maneuver to abort the revolution which the reactionary Albanian government is incapable of containing. The maneuvers for a coalition government of "national unity" and a "democratic outcome" seek to put a brake on the revolution and block the perspective of the proletarian dictatorship, a perspective possible only with the building in struggle of a true revolutionary leadership and a revolutionary party, which, as always, is the condition for the victory of the masses.

4. In the present situation, the imperialists are trying to prepare the ground for armed intervention.

5. We call on the Party for a Communist Refounding (PRC) of Italy to denounce the reactionary role of the Italian imperialist regime in Albania and to organize a fraternal delegation of communist workers to support the revolutionary committees in Albania. We call for a world campaign of workers and left organizations to support the Albanian revolution.

Associazione Marxista Rivoluzionaria Proposta (Italy)

International Trotskyist Opposition

Partido Obrero (Argentina)

Partido da Causa Operária (Brazil)

Trotskyist League (USA)

12 March 1997