The changes presently occurring in the world situation, specifically the deepening of the world capitalist crisis and the popular upsurge, oblige all organizations claiming the heritage of Trotskyism to refound the Fourth International to offer the workers' vanguard of the world a revolutionary Marxist orientation and organization.

The United Secretariat of the Fourth International (USFI), which claims to be the continuity of the Fourth International, is not the Fourth International and cannot be reformed into the Fourth International. The refounding of the Fourth International requires the political defeat of the USFI.

In our opinion, the basis for discussing the refounding of the Fourth International should underline 1) the validity of the struggle for the world socialist revolution and the proletarian dictatorship, 2) the need to reaffirm the characterization in the Transitional Program of the popular front as a bloc with the "democratic" bourgeoisie which reduces the party of the proletariat to a support for capital, 3) the necessity of the social and political revolution in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, Indochina, North Korea, and Cuba, and 4) the elaboration of an anticapitalist strategy based on transitional demands and the transitional method.



Associazione Marxista Rivoluzionaria Proposta (Italy)

International Trotskyist Opposition

Partido Obrero (Argentina)

Partido da Causa Operária (Brazil)

Trotskyist League (USA)


11 March 1997