resolution on uruguay



The World Congress characterizes the future government of the Frente Amplio-Encuentro Progresista (Broad Front - Progressive Encounter), as a bourgeois, anti-worker and pro-imperialist government.

We salute the political campaign developed by the PT (Partido de los Trabajadores - Workers Party) of Uruguay, for the formation of a electoral front of the class struggle left, that politically reagroups the workers vanguard in opposition to the Frente Amplio, even before it reaches the government.

In the same way, we underline the strategic importance of the work of the PT in organizing the movement of struggle of the unemployed, which in the future will constitute point of reference for all of the exploited against the center-left government.

What is decisive is not the illusions that the Frente Amplio (part of a broader coalition containing "blancos" -white- and "colorados" -red- sectors) still awakens, but the rapid failure of the Latin American center-left and the emergence of even more violent financial crisis than those of the recent past, two factors that the Uruguayan left blatantly scorns. The PT of Uruguay supports its delimitation with the pro-imperialist FA-EP in this perspective and speaks to the vast masses of militants of the left and to those struggling in the popular camp who are already forced, by these circumstances, to make an energetic political realignment.

The MRFI backs, with all the measures in its power, the struggle of the Partido de los Trabajadores of Uruguay.

Submitted by: Rafael Fernández (Partido de los Trabajadores, Uruguay)