statutes of the coordinating committee for the refoundation of the fourht international



1. The Coordinating Committee for the Re-Foundation of the Fourth International (CRFI) does not constitute a special tendency towards particular ends. The aim is to struggle for the re-foundation of the Fourth International using class struggle methods, propaganda and common and centralized action and through support for every authentic workers movement proposing to build a Workers International on the basis of the class struggle.

2. The principles according to which the CRFI is constituted are those approved by the organizations originating it in Genova in March, 1997.

a. The current validity of the struggle for socialist revolution and for the dictatorship of the proletariat;

b. The need to struggle against any bloc with the democratic bourgeoisie, against all forms of "Popular Front" class collaboration, which inevitably lead to the proletariat and of its party being reduced to the level of appendages of capital;

c. The need for social and/or political revolution in the former Soviet Union, East Europe, China, Indochina, North Korea and Cuba;

d. The need for the elaboration of a strategy for overthrowing capitalism based on the method of transitional demands;

e. The International Secretariat, which presents itself as the continuation of the Fourth International is not the Fourth International, nor is it capable of being so through its reform. The re-foundation of the Fourth International requires the political defeat of the USec..

3. The CRFI adopts for its functioning the method of democratic centralism in accordance with the present level of consciousness, organization and struggle for the re-foundation of the Fourth International, that is, the current state of political homeneity within the revolutionary vanguard.

4. The basic organisms of the CRFI are the national sections comprising it, the International Congress (IC), the International Secretariat (IS) and the Executive Council (EC).

5. The CRFI is constituted by national sections. Considered as such are organizations which actively intervene in the class struggle on the basis of the constituent principles of the CRFI, maintain a periodic press and internal bulletin, send to the leadership bodies of the CRCI regular reports about his activities and who regularly pay their dues to the CRFI.

Provisional clause: The organizations belonging to the CRFI who, at the present International Congress, do not comply with the minimum requisites established in Article 5 to be considered a national section, have a maximum period of six (6) months to fulfill them. In case, after this period has lapsed, they continue to fail to comply with requisites established in Article 5 of the present Statutes, they will be considered sympathizer organizations.

6. There may not be more than one section as full member of the CRFI in any country. From time to time organizations may be recognized as sympathizers which, in those countries where sections exist, manifest their adhesion to the constituent principles of the CRCI, under the binding obligation of ensuring that within a period of less than two years, a unifying Congress will be called, to be organized jointly by said organizations and the IC, which will participate in said Congress.

7. The International Congress is the maximum instance of the CRFI; its resolutions prevail over those of any other organization. It has the responsibility of establishing political orientation, of appointing the members of the International Secretariat and Executive Council, and of sanctioning and reviewing the present Statutes. In the Congress all national sections are represented through delegates elected according to a proportion of one delegate per fifty (50) militants or fraction thereof greater than twenty (20). No national section may have a number of delegates superior to 40 per cent of the total number of delegates to the Congress. The organizations recognized as sympathizers by the CRFI participate in the Congress with delegates with voice (without vote).

8. The International Congress will session at a time and place to be determined by the International Secretariat, who is responsible for calling it. The Congresses will be called at least six months before the date of their being held, which may not exceed more than two years since the prior Congress. Extraordinary Congresses may be convened by initiative of the International Secretariat or before the demand of at least a third of the member national sections, or before the demand of a percentage of militants of 15 percent of the CRFI representing at least one third of three national sections.

9. The International Secretariat is the centralized expression of the CRFI. It is chosen by the International Congress, before which it must be held fully accountable. It is composed of three members and meets at least six times per year. No national section may have, in and of themselves, a majority in the IC.

10. In the interval between Congresses, the International Secretariat is the highest instance of the CRFI; it puts into practice the decisions of the Congress and disposes, in the framework of its decisions, of all its powers. It interprets and puts into practice the orientation approved by the Congress and directs the organizing work of the CRFI. The members of the International Secretariat participate as delegates with voice (without vote) should they not have the character of full delegates. The International Secretariat has the faculty to create bodies under its control, to which it may partially delegate some of its functions. In particular, the International Secretariat will designate a Organization Bureau of three members, with the responsibility of maintaining the organizational continuity of the work between two meetings of the International Secretariat. At least one member of the International Secretariat must form part of the Organization Bureau, whose members should reside in the same country (or, alternatively, in nearby countries, so that they may meet regularly and systematically.

11. The International Congress will designate an Executive Council of 9 members, which will meet at least once a year. The members of the International Secretariat form part of the Council, with voice and vote.

12. The International Secretariat has the obligation of publishing an international journal of the CRFI and its international Internal Bulletin. The bodies established in these Statutes, the sections and sympathizing organizations of the CRFI may express themselves in the International Internal Bulletin. The IIB will contain the resolutions of the International Congresses, the minutes of the meetings of the IC and the resolutions of the sections and collective or individual contributions who participate on the level of discussion. All sections have the obligation of distributing the IIB among their members.

13. Discussion is free for all national sections and their members. Internal discussion is carried out through the International Internal Bulletin. In it, besides the IC and the leadership of the national sections, all militants of the national sections may express themselves in it, individually or collectively, with the prior notification of their respective national organizations.

14. The right to form tendencies is recognized. Tendencies must be constituted on the basis of a political document presented before the International Secretariat. The International Secretariat has no faculty to recognize the formation of tendencies; that faculty, by virtue of the present level of development of the struggle for the Refoundation of the Fourth International corresponds to the directions of the various sections.

Provisional clause: Given the need to promote a common experience of work and struggle favoring the development of collective political homogeneity, the right to form tendencies recognized in Article 14 will be in effect starting with the next International Congress.

15. In function of the development and the tasks faced by the CRFI, in case of divergence between the International Secretariat and a national section, the position of the national section prevails until the convening of an extraordinary conference of that section, which the International Secretariat will attend with the right to present its positions. Only the International Congress may modify the orientation of the national sections.

16. All new full membership or exclusion from the CRFI is the exclusive attribute of the International Congress. The organization requesting recognition as a national section must present a written document declaring adhesion to the programmatic principles, the program and the Statutes of the CRFI and comply with the minimum requisites established in point 5 of the present Statutes. The International Secretariat must verify compliance with these conditions and present a written report to the International Congress. The same criteria holds for the admission of organizations which approach any of the national sections and for the fusion of different sympathizing organizations of the CRFI in a single country.

17 The International Secretariat shall discuss and authorize the use of entryism into third organizations by the national sections or sypathizer organizations.

Provisional clause: The national sections and sympathizer organizations who, at the time of the holding of this Congress, are carrying out an activity of entryism into a third organization, will have to subordinate the continuity of this work to the discussion and resolution of the International Secretariat.

18. The periodic payment of dues for the financial support of the CRFI is obligatory for all sections and sympathizing members. The modality and amount of the dues will be determined by the International Congress. The administration of the funds is the responsibility of the International Secretariat, which is held accountable to the Congress.

Submitted by: Statutes Commission



Votes in favor: Majority

Votes against: none

Abstentions: 1 vote


On a Secretariat of three members and Executive Council of nine members

Votes in favor: Majority

Votes against: none

Abstentions: 1 vote


On the incorporation of two substitutes to the Executive Council



On the possibility that Secretariat can select a member of the Executive Council in case of absence of one of its members



On the incorporation as minimum duties in order to consider a organization as national section the sending on information on his activities on a regular basis


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