resolutions on the us organizations


Considering that:  

1. The struggle to win over the proletariat of the United States to the cause of the international socialist revolution is one of the principal strategic concerns of the CRFI;

2. There participate in the Congress for the Refoundation of the Fourth International the representatives of two organizations from the United States: the US sympathizers of the former ITO, who have participated in the struggle for the refoundation of the Fourth International since its beginnings, in Genoa in 1997; and Workers Action, which recently declared itself sympathizer of the CRFI.

3. The Statutes of the CRFI establish that only one national section per country will be recognized;

4. The Statutes of the CRFI establish a mechanism for political deliberation for the unification of organizations of the same country, through a Congress to be held within a maximum period of two years, organized jointly by the organizations in question and the Executive (Secretariat) of the CRFI.

The Congress for the Refoundation of the Fourth International resolves:

1. That there be established a liaison committee between representatives of the US organizations participating in the Congress with the purpose of organizing collective debate with a view towards their unification into a US section of the CRFI.


Submitted by: Luis Oviedo (Partido Obrero)