resolution on the u.s. working class


Workers in the U.S. are the most important proletariat in the world, as their social peace with the U.S. exploiters is the social basis of the U.S. imperialism. The multiracial, multiethnic working class of the U.S. does not have a political independent tradition, even a social democratic heritage, in this conditions are forced to be an appendage of the capitalists. This situation, which was cemented by the Communist Party USA policy of popular front with Roosevelt in the 1930s, is coming to a rapid end.

Due to the bureaucracy politics, the union membership in the U.S. failed from 35% in 1955 to 12% in 2004. The basic Social Security and overtime work laws are one the chopping block. The union bureaucrats refuse to intervene, even in defense of the traditional labor aristocracy: airline pilots, auto workers, longshoreman. At the bottom, the union bureaucrats choose not to prevent scabs at the historic grocery strike and employer lockout in California.

Revolutionary workers must organize a party, must intervene among the unemployed, in union fractions and call for a Labor Party, act in defense of immigrant labor, so that the vanguard may directly confront the struggle. The resistance solidarity in the working class is episodically present: in Flint, in Los Angeles, in Oakland and San Francisco, and in Decatur. The unions must be forced to win a new life for the workers and the oppressed, expelling the union bureaucrats. Only a revolutionary workers party can lead this fight against the imperialist led labor bureaucracy.


Submitted by: Workers Action (US)



Votes in favor: Majority

Votes against: none

Abstentions: 2 votes  

Observation: the Presidium of the Congress don't record the figure of the majority votes