IN defence of all minorities and oppressed sectors


Due to the capitalist crisis, social misery is increasing for the specially oppressed, in particular, for women, who are one half of the population of the world. This has forced their militant participation in all social fronts of struggle of the working class and oppressed, due also to the increased proletarianization of women. The consequences of capitalist decline are a direct threat to the stability of the working class family.

National ethnic groups and nationally oppressed are often the first to be hit in this decline of capitalism, the IV International stand with this strata in its fight. This is increasingly so in metropolitan countries, and especially so of the U.S. among African American, Chicano and Hispanic population in general, Native American, Arab Americans, and Muslims. The special oppression of of lesbians, gays, transgendered, etc. means that these groups are often the first victims of reactionary attacks, specially by the Church.

These attacks are meant to divide the working class, to fight against them is a duty for the vanguard of the workers. The IV International struggles ceaselessly for the working class to advance the cause of struggle of these oppressed strata. The IV International calls on the oppressed to have no faith or illusions in the petty bourgeois ideologies of sectoral liberation. Only the workers revolution can guarantee the historical lifting of special oppression. It is only through the struggle for the unity of the more oppressed with the whole working class, black, brown, red, yellow and with the white, the women with men, the gay with the heterosexual, that the workers social revolution will be won.


Submitted by: Workers Action (US)