resolutions on finances


1. The International Congress for the Refoundation of the Fourth International considers that the political criteria with which it faces the question of resources is the consideration first of all of the tasks which should be carried out; on the basis of these tasks the amount of resources and the method of obtaining them is to be determined.

2. The tasks which should be financed by the central budget of the CRFI are essentially: a) the functioning of the statutory bodies; b) the publication of the international magazine and the international internal bulletin; and c) travel in connection with construction related activity of the CRFI.

3. All the national sections and sympathizing organizations should contribute to the central fund on the basis of the number of their militants.

4. The per capita amount, for each militant, that each section or sympathizing organization should contribute will be established by the Executive (Secretariat) as a function of the various levels of wages and of the cost of living for the working class and the exploited sectors of the various countries and of the percentage of unemployed and youth without income of the sections and participating organizations. For this purpose, the following parameters will be taken into consideration for each country: minimum wage, average wage, the wages of a given category of workers (for example, the starting salary of a primary school teacher) or a weighted consideration of these parameters.


Submitted by: Statutes Commission