More than a decade has passed from the collapse of the Soviet Union but World capitalism did not succeeded to find a way out from its historical crisis and it threatens humanity with a new wave of barbarism, massive attacks on all social and democratic rights at home and an indefinite series of imperialist wars abroad. U.S. imperialism’s drive for world domination in the post Cold War, in the name of a terrorist “war on terror”, has already devastated Afghanistan and Iraq and threatens with military aggression an indefinite number of countries from the Middle East and Asia to Africa and Latin America.

      The war and occupation of Iraq marks the beginning of a new period of convulsions, military confrontations, mass social and national struggles and popular rebellions in the region and internationally. The unprecedented anti-war global mobilization of millions of demonstrators, particularly from a new generation, who flooded the streets in Europe, America and the entire world before and during the war against Iraq, became a global political factor. Immediately after the second Gulf War, a new wave of mass strikes has shaken France and Austria. This upsurge of the masses in those countries coincides now with revolutionary rebellions in the periphery, the Palestinian Intifada and the developing Iraqi Intifada in the Middle East, the Argentinazo, and the revolts in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and in the entire Latin American Continent.

        Despite the initial euphoria for a “final and complete victory” of Capitalism, its sharpening world contradictions are expressing its historical tendency to its dissolution on a world scale. The working class, all the exploited and oppressed masses resist powerfully against the devastating effects of the world capitalist crisis. But to confront victoriously a world capitalist system, striving desperately to find a way out with the most violent means, the emerging revolutionary subject of the fighting proletariat and the multitudes of the oppressed need to elaborate a program for a socialist solution of the crisis, a revolutionary strategy, an international perspective and organization: in other words, it needs urgently an International, a World Party of the socialist revolution.

      The organizations, whish sign this Call, have already launched from 1997 onwards an international campaign for the establishment of the revolutionary International of the 21st century, drowning on all the lessons and revolutionary experiences of the 20th century and of the historical past, a combat force in the present struggles and open to the future. We fight for the re-foundation of the Fourth International that Trotsky and his comrades have founded in 1938, in the darkest moments of History, to defend, complete and extend world wide the “assault to heaven” started with the 1917 October Socialist Revolution. This International was fragmented and its Program abandoned or fossilized afterwards; but the actuality of the Fourth International and of the method of its transitional Program, the actuality of the struggle for a world October and the tradition of struggle embodied in it are historically vindicated and urgently needed to be developed. The world historical cycle opened in 1917 did not closed with Stalinism, the organizer of defeats and gravedigger of the Soviet Union itself in 1991. The historic character of the world crisis of Capitalism in the decade following this collapse, producing wars and revolutions reasserts the nature of our epoch as the transitional epoch of the decline of Capitalism and of world socialist revolution. The much publicized ‘Globalization’ did not opened a new historical epoch but deepened the decay of Capitalism; it did not solved the crisis of the system but it ‘globalized’ it on a scale, which makes necessary more than ever before a global solution to this crisis by revolutionary means. This necessity is manifested as well in the movement that erupted in Seattle and Genoa, the global anti-war movement and now the growing class battles in Europe and internationally.

      Because of their crisis, the imperialists try to divert and neutralize this growing movement of social struggle, to manipulate it with Center Left forms of class collaboration and integration to stabilize bourgeois rule in crisis. The old social democratic reformist bureaucracies and Stalinist Communist Parties as well as the ‘new left’ leaderships of the “alterglobalization” movement (World Social Forum, ATTAC etc. assisted by sectors of the ‘far left”, including some of those referring themselves as “Trotskyists” such as the “United Secretariat of the 4th International”) are inserted in the framework of this phony Center Left “solution”. The example of the vicious social liberal attacks against the workers and landless peasants waged by the Lula government in Brazil- the embodiment of the Porto Alegre WSF “spirit”- is a serious warning about the role of these forces.

     Against all these political forces that try to tie the masses and their vanguard sections to the capitalist system and its international institutions trough a “constructive dialogue” with the IMF-World Bank, the WTO, the European Union etc. we re-assert the principles stressed to be necessarily included in the discussion for the re-foundation of the Fourth International:

1.     The actuality of the struggle for the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of proletariat

2.     The reaffirmation of the necessity to fight against any bloc with the democratic bourgeoisie, against all forms of “popular-frontist” class collaboration inescapably leading to the reduction of the proletariat and of its Party into appendices of capital.

3.     The necessity of the social and/or political revolution in former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, in China, Indochina, North Korea and Cuba.

4.     The elaboration of a strategy for the overthrow of capitalism based on the method of transitional demands.


       On the basis of these principles, we call all the vanguard fighters and revolutionary organizations of the class struggle Left to join us in the discussion and elaboration of the Program and Perspectives for the Re-foundation of the Fourth International in a World Congress of elected delegates, which will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the last week of November 2003.    


                                                                      16 June 2003



The Coordinating Committee of the Movement for the Re-foundation of the Fourth International


Partido Obrero (Argentina)    Luis Oviedo , Osvaldo Coggiola

EEK (Greece)    Savas Michael-Matsas ,Thodoros Koutsoubos ,Yannis Angellis

Associazione Marxista Rivoluzionaria Progetto Comunista (Italy)    Franco Grisolia

Marxist Workers League (Turkey)    Ender Coscun

Socialist Workers League (Palestine)    Yitzhak Betzalel