Statement by the Coordination Committee of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International


Under the impact of the world capitalist crisis and a decade of social struggles, the Argentinean popular masses opened a new stage in the development of the world socialist revolution with their rebellion in the historic days of December 2001.


The capitalist economy of the country is in ruins; the bourgeois political system as a whole is in shambles and the question of political power itself is posed. The radicalization deepens and the "interim" pseudo-solutions of the ruling class fail. Starting from the battle cry "Fuera De la Rua - Cavallo" ("Out with De la Rua and Carvallo"), the Argentinean people now is demanding "Que se vayan todos!" ("Out With Them All!"). The rejection of the corrupt system of the bankers and of the stooges of the IMF is total. The issue of an alternative political and social power is posed point blank.


The working class plays the leading role in the upsurge of the masses and is the only social force able to Argentina out of the crisis by re-organizing from bottom to top the country on new social bases.


The Partido Obrero, the Trotskyist Party of the vanguard of the proletariat in Argentina is in the forefront of the revolutionary struggle. Its program shows clearly the way out:

* Cancellation of the foreign debt

* Nationalization of the banking system and re-nationalization of the pension funds

* Workers Control

* The capitalists have to pay for the crisis. Nationalize the companies that fire workers. Jobs for everybody!

* Popular Assemblies in every neighborhood and district to organize the distribution of food and to fight back the economic disorganization caused by the government and the capitalists

* For a national workers and popular mobilization to overthrow the whole corrupt and bankrupt political and social regime and replace it by a sovereign Constituent Assembly in the provinces and nationally.

* Down with the capitalist government of the usurpers and IMF stooges! For a workers government based on the Popular Assemblies!

* IMF brigands and Yanqui imperialists out! For the socialist unity of Latin America!


The initial steps of the Argentinean Revolution have already had a huge impact, not only on the world economic crisis of capitalism, but also on the working class and the oppressed masses all over the world. Scenes reminiscent of the assault on the Winter Palace in October 1917 are a source of inspiration for the revolutionary struggle for new Octobers, in conditions of a Great Recession ravaging all the capitalist countries, both in the imperialist centers and in the semi-colonial periphery. From the "people of Seattle and Genoa" in America and Europe to the Palestinian Intifada and the oppressed peoples resisting imperialist barbarism and war in Central Asia and the Middle East, from the Balkans and Russia to Latin America and Africa, all the exploited and oppressed, all the fighters for social and national emancipation can learn from the Argentine events. They can see the future in the revolutionary mirror of Argentina.


We issue a call to all the workers and popular organizations internationally, to all the fighters for freedom and social justice, to all the revolutionaries, to organize everywhere acts of class solidarity with the Argentinean workers, pickets in front of the Argentinean embassies, etc. We call on them to unite and fight on the same revolutionary road, for the overthrow of the imperialist-capitalist yoke, for world Socialism.


We address our call to all vanguard fighters in the working class and the class struggle Left: it is time NOW to move boldly forwards to forge the indispensable instrument for the socialist revolution, the workers revolutionary International!


* For the Immediate Refoundation of the Fourth International!

* Long Live the Revolutionary Popular Rebellion in Argentina!

* Forward to the World socialist Revolution!


December 30, 2001